Who we are and What we do...

The 1st Battalion 42nd Highland Regiment is an organisation recreating as authentically as possible, the uniform, drill, musketry, tactics and daily life of the regiment in 1815, the year of the battle of Waterloo.

We are regularly involved in battle re-enactments and living history demonstrations for the general public in Britain and abroad.

"Where are we based?"

We meet regularly at Fort Amhurst throughout the year to practise our drill at Historic Dockyard, Chatham where we also perform living history for the visiting public and make plans for future events.

"Why do we do this?"

A love of history, pride in our heritage, the excitement of (bloodless!) action, the satisfaction of putting on a good show, friendship and social life, the opportunity to meet fellow re-enactors in Britain and abroad, but above all, to have fun!

The members of the 42nd represent a cross section of society. We have people of all ages. Our members come from all parts of the UK to take part in re-enactments, we also have members in Italy, Germany, Canada and Australia.




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