Raised in 1739 and originally numbered the 43rd Regiment, the 42nd Foot is the most senior of the Highland Regiments.

The sombre appearance of its famous tartan and its original role of policing the Highlands led to it being called " The Black Watch " a name it bears to this day. The unit wears the uniform of the period 1812-1815. The authenticity is as near as is possible from records of the day.

We are regularly involved in battle re-enactments and living history demonstrations for the general public in Britain and abroad.

















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Find out about the history of the regiment and details about our most famous battles

The 42nd's Waterloo started on the 16th June 1815, 2 days before the most famous battle was to take place !

After Napoleon had escaped from Elba and convinced his army to go against the Kin of France and join him to in releasing terror against the Anglo-Dutch



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