So you would like to be part of history!!


So you are interested in joining the 42nd? Well as long as you can answer yes to the following questions then you’re of the right stuff for us. Do you like History? Are you prepared to wear period costume? You’ve passed!

"How can I get more involved?"

If you fancy seeing us in action or trying a bit of Drill (we can usually supply some kit to try on if we know you are coming), then check where we are on the calendar page of this web site. We are a friendly welcoming group who are only too happy to discuss our Regiment, the kit and what we do, we even have our own Newspaper, The 42nd Times and back issues are available through this web site which will give you an idea of the fun you could have.

"I want to fire muskets?"

We have our own Armourer (supplier to many other Regiments), we make much of our own kit and uniforms ourselves (helps to keep the cost down) and should you wish to become a firer then we can help there too. We give advice on Licences, Muskets and accessories and of course extensive training (we have an excellent safety record). We can loan you a replica musket for drill practice and if you want to be a soldier in the line but don’t fancy owning a musket then you may be able to purchase a replica one. Our uniforms tend not to be ‘off the shelf’ but show the wear and tear of campaigning.

"Where are the events held?"

We usually travel to France at least once a year where we always take part in some excellent re-enactments and we campaign in the UK as well. We like to take part in NA events as they tend to be well organised, membership of this group is compulsory if you wish to take part in the leading large scale re-enactments. We do regular Drill meets at Fort Amherst in Chatham, a Napoleonic Fort where we have our own room (the old sergeant’s mess) in the Upper Gatehouse. We usually put on a Garrison weekend during the season at the Fort when some of our extensive range of Period Tents can be viewed; we have a display we put on at Fetes to help raise money and are adept at getting the public involved. As long as you are willing to ‘have a go’ you’re the type of recruit we need!

"How much is it going to cost?"

So what does it cost? Soldiers make up the main part of the Regiment and, well first of all you don’t have to buy any kit! Come and have a go at the drill (our Drill Sergeant is ex-Guards) and we will lend you the basics to start with, unfortunately you can’t take part in battle re-enactments until you are a member for insurance reasons. We usually do firing at these Drill meets and even have some ‘volunteers’ who can dress as French soldiers so we can get in some practice shooting at them! If you want to join up and are looking at the costs, well the basics (Kilt, Jacket, Hose and Hat) will set you back about £200. We recommend starting with the basics and then buying the rest as you go. Muskets are available from the Armourer who is also our Major and can be bought second hand from around £200. For Musicians the basic kit is the same but instead of water bottle, bayonet e.t.c. you have the cost of your instruments. Camp followers can buy or make their own outfits, patterns are available from most good Fabric shops and the cost of the materials is the most expensive item!



Fill out our pdf recruitment form and send to the address below:-

Mr. Martin Hotston
53 Calder Road
ME74 2QG





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